Autumn Home Accessories I'm Loving Right Now


As of lately, I've been finding myself scrolling through Etsy and loving so many items and after only just realising that the majority of these items were autumn inspired, I knew I had to share them with you! I love Etsy and supporting small businesses as you can appreciate how much time and effort is spent on creating the products. My mum runs her own Etsy where she sells her own handcrafted Disney inspired crafts and they're all beautiful, so if you're interested in Disney items such as cushions, bags and stockings for Christmas time, then hopefully you'll love these. You can check out her Etsy here.

I've also spotted a few other items from different stores mainly online, so I thought it would be a great idea to round up all of my favourites and share them with you! All of these items are so cute and make me want to have my own little house full of autumn decor so I can feel super cosy. 

Pumpkin Spice Print - Bella Casa - £3
Pumpkin Spice Latte Scented Candle - Maple And Whisky - £11.95+
Hello Pumpkin Pillow Cover - Jot And Joy - £17.43
Pinecone Fairy Lights - Lights4fun - £10
Mini Autumn leaves Wall Stickers - Leonora Hammond - £12.50
Types Of Pumpkin Mug - Abbie Imagine - £9.95
Black Cat Halloween Mug - Splendid Mugs - £9.50
Copper Leaves Garland - The Forest & Co - £12

As much as I love all of these items, I'm so excited now that most shops have all their Christmas decorations and festive home accessories, so you're bound to see a post about my favourite Christmas items at some point in the near future. Surely I'm not the only one who is already buzzing for Christmas this year? I honestly cannot wait. I've already started burning my giant Christmas Eve candle from Yankee Candle, aka my favourite scent in the entire world, and it's putting me in the most festive mood! I can't wait to be burning this while I'm baking gingerbread cookies and singing along to my Christmas playlist.. wow I'm getting way too ahead of myself. But for now, lets get decorating for Autumn with hints of halloween shall we?

What's your favourite thing about Autumn?

Love Always,
Shannon x