Autumn Lifestyle Favourites


Since I've been writing a blog post every day this month, I've noticed how my love for this season has only grown stronger. I've been really getting into autumn activities this year, rather than past years where I've set myself goals but haven't really done much on trying to achieve them.

With Halloween being tomorrow (crazy right? I can't believe blogtober is almost at an end) I've been really getting in the spirit today by carving pumpkins with my sister, listening to my halloween playlist  and making pumpkin bread! I feel like making pumpkin bread may start to become a tradition for me ever since I became obsessed with the recipe that I found last year. This year I changed things up a little and added hazelnuts and may have gone a bit overboard with the dark chocolate.. but I'm not complaining, it turned out amazing!

I've been so focused on trying to achieve things this month which of course is great, but I haven't really fully embraced the little things which is what I'm going to make tomorrow all about. My boyfriend and I are going to have a pretty chilled day in and I'm going to convince him to watch Halloweentown with me as it's a childhood favourite, I'll then most likely consume a large pumpkin spice latte, eat even more pumpkin bread and probably finish the day off with my family, watching our favourite not so scary halloween movies and devouring a bunch of snacks. So a pretty lazy, but cozy day ahead of me. I never take days like these for granted as it really reminds me how much I enjoy spending time with my loved ones doing something so simple, but so lovely and it's not often that we get to do things like this all together.

I've really been loving going on long walks lately and feeling the fresh air on my face. I always feel so refreshed when I get back and make myself a nice hot vanilla coffee. It's such a simple thing, but it's something I absolutely love this time of year.

A massive favourite of mine - although not just for autumn, has been rewatching The Vampire Diaries for the millionth time. It's my all time favourite show and I absolutely love rewatching it, I've got so many people into the show over the years and I'm so glad I can now enjoy watching it with my boyfriend in the evenings, since I've got him hooked. Since we're also obsessed with the spin off series, The Originals, we're even more excited now that there's another spin off series airing soon called Legacies.

We recently celebrated my sister and my nan's birthdays this month where I got to spend a lovely evening with my entire family out at a local pub. We've also got my younger sisters birthday along with my mums and my own during November, so it's a pretty busy season for birthdays, but I love it so much as I always look forward to birthdays even if it's not my own.

I've discovered some really amazing artists this month that I haven't been able to stop listening to, a few of those being Jessie Reyez, Ella Mai, Conan Gray and Corey Harper. I've also been listening to the A Star Is Born soundtrack on repeat near enough every day as it's so incredibly beautiful and well written. The movie caused such a huge impact on me that I'm feeling such a need to watch it again and fully embrace how great it was.

These are just a few things that I've been getting up to in the past weeks that I can think of off the top of my head, along with my what I've been loving. I hope you have a brilliant halloween and get up to a lot of fun with friends and family!

What's been your favourite thing about Autumn so far?

Love Always,
Shannon x 


  1. Great favourites, I love the A Star Is Born soundtrack too, so good!

    Anika |

  2. Pumpkin bread sounds really good and it sounds like you've had a lovely few weeks!

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