Autumn Reading List


 I've never shared what I'm reading on my blog before, so this is going to seem a bit different than my average post I suppose. It's no surprise that I love reading and writing - you know, since I run my own blog. However, I do find that I don't spend as much time reading a physical copy of a book nowadays like I used to. I think the reason why I don't is purely because I concentrate so much on writing blog posts and all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes of my blog that you don't see, it's almost like I have this major panic and feel like I'm failing if I'm not putting my all into building my blog, so I don't think about things as simple as reading a book every now and then like I once did. I'm really trying to feel determined that I'll complete a small pile of books by the time Autumn is over, so I thought I'd share a list of them with you.

Harry Potter -
I haven't decided which of the books I'm going to read yet, as I love them all so much and I'm pretty sure I won't get them all finished by the time Autumn is over. My absolute favourites are The Prisoner Of Azkaban and The Deathly Hallows, so I'm thinking about challenging myself to read these two along with some other books.. wow. I might end up deciding to just restart the series from the beginning like a normal person, but we'll see. I'll keep you posted.

The Tales Of Beedle The Bard -
I remember being given this book at such young age and it would always be my first book of choice to read before bed. I was always (and still am) a sucker for books and movies that were magical and would make my imagination go wild, and since this book is apart of Harry Potter, I loved it all the more. I found this on my shelf the other day as I was about to take some blog photos and I ended up just sitting there scanning through the pages, so I have made it a goal to read it so I can reminisce on my childhood.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine -
This has been on my reading list for a long time now, but I have never had the chance to buy it. I hear people talking about this all the time and hyping it up in blog posts, so I'm very intrigued to give this a read some time soon!

P.S I Still Love You -
I absolutely loved To All The Boys I Loved Before, so I cannot wait to purchase this and spend as many evenings as possible reading this. I was intrigued as soon as I read the synopsis of this book, so I'm really hoping it's as great as the first book of the series! either way, I cannot wait!

Ghosted -
I recently read about this book in a blog post and the description sounded perfect. I cannot wait to read this as soon as I possibly can as it seems like such a great love story / mystery. I feel like I always stick to the same genre when it comes to books, but this one seems to have a slight bit of mystery to make it a bit more interesting, so I'm curious to see how much I like it!

I know I've only listed a few books which really may not seem a lot, especially to those of you who read all the time, but for now this little goal of mine is definitely more realistic and I'll be proud of myself if I complete all of these books by the time autumn comes to an end. So as soon as I've finished writing this post I'm going to hop into bed and starting reading The Tales Of Beedle The Bard and I'm excited about it already.

Have you read any of these books?

Love Always,
Shannon x


  1. Oh I hope you like Eleanor Oliphant, I absolutely loved the book, she's such an interesting dynamic character! I'm re reading harry potter too and it's just the perfect type of book for Autumn! xx

    1. I really hope so too, so glad to hear you loved it! Harry Potter is definitely the best for setting the mood for Autumn! x

  2. I still have to read Harry Potter books!

    1. I absolutely adore them! I hope you love them too, when you get the chance to read them!

  3. I'll add these books to my reading list - I'm always looking for more books to read!

    1. Aw yay, that's so great! I love hearing suggestions from others too x