Current Favourite Songs | October 2018


If you're a regular reader on my blog then you'll know just how much I love sharing my favourite music with you. There's something about sharing my favourite songs with others that gives me a sense of joy whenever they say they'll give the songs a listen or say how much they already love the particular song. I also think it gives you a chance to get to know me that little bit more as I strongly believe that a persons music taste really says a lot about their personality.

This month I have discovered some really great songs that are perfect for setting the mood for autumn, along with a few favourites that I've enjoyed listening to for years. I always have this playlist on repeat whenever I'm planning blog posts or writing as these songs really help me to focus and give me all the autumn feels. 

Strings Attached - Opia
The One Who Truly Loves Me - Lilla Vargen
Back To My Ways - John Vincent |||
Two Ghosts - Harry Styles
Through A Glass - Henry Jamison
Second Nature - George Ogilvie 
A Closeness - Dermot Kennedy
Same Drugs - Corey Harper
Ran Away - Hollow Coves
Cursive - Billie Marten
After Rain - Dermot Kennedy
Girl Crush - Harry Styles
NFWMB - Hozier
Without Me - Halsey
Dying In LA - Panic! At The Disco
Give Me Your Fire, Give Me Your Rain - The Paper Kites
Is That Alright? - Lady Gaga
Ocean Eyes - Billie Eilish 
I Can't Breathe - Bea Miller
Best I'll Ever Sing - Maisie Peters
Fall - Sasha Sloan
Lies - Ivy Adara 
Lose You Too - SHY Martin

What's your current favourite song?

Love Always,
Shannon x

*photo from Pinterest