Family Friendly Halloween Movie Night Ideas


Since halloween is fast approaching -  twenty two days to be exact, I thought I'd share the way that I'm spending Halloween this year. Last year, we had a big family party where we all dressed up, played games, got inventive with spooky snacks and overall just had a really great evening. However, this year the family and I are going to have a pretty chilled halloween by having a movie night with kid friendly movies, as I'm sure my nine year old brother won't be too fond of the idea of watching The Conjuring, and to be honest neither am I.

I went through a phase in my teens where I was obsessed with horror movies, but honestly even the thought of them doesn't appeal to me anymore, so I avoid them whenever possible. That doesn't mean that stops me from watching all of my favourite halloween movies like Coraline and Halloweentown. These movies may be classed as "kids" movies, but they're honestly brilliant and remind me so much of my childhood, so nothing can stop me from watching them. 

Movies -
So as I mentioned, Coraline and Halloweentown are my two personal favourites, but here are some more family friendly movies that may spark your interest or maybe some of these are already your favourites! 

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
2. Hocus Pocus
3. Twitches
4. Caspar
5. Spooky Buddies
6. Hotel Transylvania
7. The Haunted Mansion
8. Toy Story Of Terror
9. The Little Vampire
10. Monster House

I won't lie, I've never been a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, I've tried watching it twice and I always end up losing interest, very unpopular opinion, I know. However, movies like Caspar and The Little Vampire are films that I've grown up watching and have always adored, so will forever remain favourites for this time of year. I'd love to know what your favourite halloween movie is!

Decorations -
Just because it's a movie night with the family, doesn't mean you can slack on the decorations! I always find it so fun decorating for festive occasions, so I'm beyond excited to decorate for halloween this year with the family without it just being a pumpkin or two on display. I know my little brother is so excited for halloween this year, so I can't wait to spruce up our home for the occasion. As we're having a movie night, I thought I'd go on the hunt for some really cute table decorations to set up in the living room where we'll keep all the snacks (we'll get to that part soon) on our large coffee table while a movie is playing. If you're also planning on having a family movie night for halloween, then these decorations would be perfect! 

Orange Foiled Halloween Plates - Little Orchard Craft - £3.65
Halloween Banner - My Unicorn Prints - £5.63
Metallic Halloween Mix Confetti - Party Pieces - £0.99
Halloween Assorted Large Paper Plates - Party Pieces - £5.99
Spooky Ceiling Decoration - Party Pieces - £6.99
Spooky Ghost And Spider Straws - Party Pieces - £0.99
Halloween Light Up Bottle Lamp - Glitzy Creations Shop - £10.99
Mickey Halloween Treat Bag - Raisins Party Supplies - £3.17+ 
Halloween Cupcake Toppers - Four In Seven - £4
Bat Shaped Halloween Paper Napkins - Kirsty Gadd - £2.79
Sugar Skull Tumbler - Precision Laser craft - £14.24

I also found these cute Wooden Pumpkin Slices from Hobbycraft for £2.50 if you wanted something to decorate while watching a movie to get a bit creative and have fun with the family. I'm sure there are so many more decorative things that you could buy online or DIY, however I just thought these were really cute and I'm sure people of all ages would enjoy decorating them without spending too much time on them. They would then make a really cute set of decorations afterwards for years to come. 

Snacks -
What would a movie night be without snacks? and with it being Halloween, you can eat as many treats as you like without having to feel bad about it. I recently spoke to the lovely lady who runs "The Happea Herbivore" on Etsy. Her shop is all about vegan handcrafted chocolate and I swear to anyone who eats dairy, you wouldn't be able to tell that these chocolates were vegan. She was kind enough to send me two boxes of treats to try out and share with you all which I am so grateful for. As I write this now I'm sipping on my hot chocolate made from her "halloween hot chocolate kit" which also contains a mini bag of marshmallows and a delicious chocolate bar topped with skittles and sprinkles. I had never tried a hot chocolate stirrer, but was pleasantly surprised after stirring this into my almond milk as it was heating up. Whether you're a chocaholic or someone who just loves a treat every now and then, this is the most perfect evening treat and I enjoyed every second of it. Kellie was also kind enough to send me the "halloween trick or treat box" filled with four different types of chocolate bars, I cannot wait to try the white chocolate lollipop as it looks so good! I love how creative the toppings are on these bars as I would never have thought about mixing skittles with chocolate, but it's seriously such an amazing combination. 

If you know someone that has a birthday near halloween or know someone who is simply just a halloween lover whether they're vegan or not, then these would both make for an amazing gift! I absolutely love these bars and the brand as the owner is so lovely and deserves so much more recognition. I will definitely be ordering more goodies from The Happea Herbivore in the future and I highly suggest you order from them too!

If you're interested in doing a bit of baking before decorating your halloween movie night set up, then these 18 Fun Food Ideas will go down a treat for you and your family, plus everything looks so cute and very instagrammable. Alternatively, you could check out some of the other delicious vegan treats I have listed in my 5 Lazy Day Essentials post, perfect for any movie night.

Now that I hope you have your Autumn candles lit, your spooky tunes playing while you're baking away and your halloween decorations ordered, I hope you have the most amazing halloween movie night with your loved ones. I know I will.

What's your favourite thing about halloween?

Love Always,
Shannon x


  1. I will prefer going out , but still cool choice of movie
    Thank you for sharing

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