Ghost Sweetheart & Daydream Fragrance Review


I've always loved receiving new fragrances for birthdays, going into boots and smelling all the new fragrances on the shelves and obsessing over how great most of them are. My all time favourite scent is "bright crystal absolu" by Versace, but as it is a very pricey fragrance, it's not one that I wear often and usually only get it around my birthday as a special gift. I'm not overly fussy with smells, but I often know the scents that I'm looking for as I know what I like. I tend to go for either fresh scents or slightly musky scents that aren't strong, but have hints of vanilla or other soft ingredients. I recently received two new perfumes from the lovely team at Ghost Fragrances and I was more than happy to share them with you as they have very quickly become two of my most favourite fragrances that I've ever owned.

Daydream - 
I remember going into Boots last summer and seeing this perfume on a display and thinking how pretty the bottle was. After smelling it, I took a photo of the bottle and saved it to my camera roll for future reference as I knew I was bound to forget about it otherwise. Although I had saved the photo, I had completely forgotten the name of the scent and the brand that it was from after not being able to find the photo to show my mum as she was asking what fragrances I liked. It was only after receiving this bottle from Ghost Fragrances and smelling it again that I suddenly remembered that it was the same perfume I had taken a photo of. Talk about fate huh?

As I said before, the bottle is stunning and the lilac colour is gorgeous. Although this would probably be described as a summer scent, I'm absolutely loving wearing it this time of year. I've never been much of a floral scent kind of girl, but this perfume has a gorgeous mix of soft florals from jasmine, violet and other beautiful ingredients. The floral scent is mixed with a slight musk so that it's not too overpowering and it really does smell like a dream. I'll definitely be repurchasing once I've ran out, which I can't imagine will be too long.. 

Sweetheart - 
Moving on to my favourite from the two scents. I really didn't know what to expect from this scent, but I was blown away when I wore it for the first time. This scent is described as romantic and soft, and I couldn't agree more. With notes of green apple and lemon mixed with light florals and a beautiful addition of warm caramel, vetiver and tonka bean creates the most beautiful, feminine scent.  Since this bottle is very slim, it's going to be easy to get through fast, so I'll definitely be purchasing the largest bottle soon. The wear of both of these fragrances last for a good 6 hours at least which I think is pretty good since a lot of high end fragrances I have purchased in the past don't often last that long, so since these scents are slightly more affordable, it's nice to know that they still last for a decent amount of time. I would definitely say that both of these perfumes are great day time scents, but sweetheart could certainly past for a gorgeous evening scent as well.

Have you tried Ghost fragrances?

Love Always,
Shannon x


  1. Never heard of ghost fragrances, but I really like how well your pictures came out! You're really talented! Have a lovely weekend

    -PerlaGiselle |

    Say hello and let’s follow each other <3 | INSTAGRAM

  2. I love that Versace perfume as well. Smells so wonderful!

  3. I have never tried any ghost fragrances but they look beautiful.

    1. I highly suggest that you do, they're gorgeous x

  4. These sound like lovely scents. I love your photos!

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