How To Feel Motivated To Keep Fit


I never used to like fitness. The thought of running never crossed my mind and maintaining a routine sounded like way too much effort, but now here I am today, always eager to try something new to keep me fit and healthy and inspired to keep going. I don't find exercising a chore, like something I have to do, but rather something that I look forward to doing every morning when I wake up because I know that I'll feel good for the rest of the day. It can feel like exercise is a lot of effort especially in the colder months as it's hard enough to get out of the bed without feeling like you're going to freeze some mornings, but if you encourage yourself to do it, then you will feel so good afterwards.

I think so many more people are trying to include exercise into their daily routine so much more than ever before as health has become such a main focus for a lot of people, which is amazing! So since I am really into keeping fit and healthy (besides all the pumpkin cookies I'm eating over throughout the duration of autumn) I thought I'd share all my little tips and tricks with you guys, whether you already workout on the daily, or are looking to incorporate more fitness into your life, ya girl is here to help you out! 

Eat Well -
I'm sure you've heard it all before, but if you're not eating foods that your body is going to love, then you're not likely to feel motivated to workout. I know that when I have days where all I want to eat is a big tub of Ben and Jerry's and all the sugar I can think of, the last thing on my mind is working out, and instead I'm stuck feeling bloated and gross and regretting all my bad decisions. I'm not saying don't eat ice cream or chocolate ever, just know your limits and always try to go for the healthier option as you'll certainly feel better afterwards. When you eat well, you can also take advantage of all the hard work you've done from the mix of working out and eating clean, so you're guaranteed to feel amazing and inspired to keep up your fitness game.

Confidence -
I can't even begin to tell you how great I feel about myself after I've completed a decent / really hard workout. I love pushing myself, even though in the moment I definitely hate it I won't lie.. but afterwards I feel proud of myself and honestly just confident. I've always struggled with body confidence, I still do - but even just after a few weeks of working out I notice huge changes that although not a lot of people would take notice of, but when my body is getting that little bit more toned every time, my confidence levels definitely grow and I love it! 

Stress Release -
I used to know someone who always exercised when they were stressed and I used to think "why would you want to do that? if I was stressed, working out would be the last thing on my mind", but now I can't even explain how much they were right. working out really does reduce stress, and is the best remedy if you are feeling stressed out and need something to take out your anger / sadness rather than the usual comfort eating or taking it out on others. Any form of exercise is great, whether that's pushing yourself to higher limits or taking it easy, it's great for you and you'll thank yourself afterwards. 

Exercise Even When You Don't Feel Like It -
Everyone has those days where they're not in the mood to do anything and would much rather lay in bed all day, but forcing yourself to throw on your workout clothes and playing your favourite workout playlist will really get you in the mood to have a good workout, whatever it is! I do this almost every morning as I know that I will feel good all day and I notice a huge difference in my mood when I don't. My body tends to feel achey whenever I don't exercise, especially if I'm at home all day, so it's now become a habit to workout every morning to stop this from happening and I always feel so satisfied and happy once I've completed my workout for the day. 

Have A Routine -
Sticking to a routine is such a key thing for me, like I said I work out almost every morning at least four or five times a week, making sure that I stretch on the other days that I'm not. I've mentioned this in a few previous posts, but I always follow videos from Blogilates on Youtube, Cassey always creates the best workouts and I always enjoy following her workout plans to get the most out of every single workout. I usually just make up my own stretch routines as they're fairly simple, with a bit of yoga thrown in. I absolutely love it.

What inspires you to keep fit?

Love Always,


  1. This was such a helpful post and a great reminder! Thanks for sharing :)

    Lotte |

  2. I totally need this! I'm the worst at keeping a routine when it comes to fitness. Once I get going, it isn't hard to start enjoying it, but getting motivated is almost impossible for me.

    Ashlee |

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