October / Autumn Goals 2018


I've always been a summer lovin' girl, I love a bit a lot of sunshine, sipping on homemade lemonade and wearing summer dresses. As much as I love the warm weather, there's still something that makes my heart flutter at the thought of rainy days by the fire with my favourite candle lit and looking forward to all the autumn and winter festivities. Over the years my love for halloween has grown massively. Of course I loved trick or treating when I was younger, but during my early teen years I became less bothered about everything spooky and fun about it, but now the obsession is back and I'm beyond pleased. I think it allows me to become creative in so many ways, from writing festive blog posts, experimenting with makeup looks for halloween, trying new recipes including everything pumpkin spiced and cinnamon flavoured. Everything is just miles more exciting to me now than it ever was.

Okay, okay, enough rambling. At the beginning of each month I always create a list full of goals I want to achieve, so I thought what better way to kick off Blogtober than to share my goals with all of you?!

Be More Active On Instagram - 
I always have good intentions to be more active with my account, but I think I get too swept up in comparing my photos and myself to others that I have a sudden lack of motivation to post anymore. This is something that I need to work on and just be more carefree with my posts without stopping to think what other people will think and stop doubting myself.

Successfully Complete Blogtober -
In my five years of blogging, I have always failed at completing Blogtober, so it is my mission to finally get a post up every single day and mainly just have fun with it and get creative! Expect many, many recipes and a whole lot of coziness soon.

Create Blog Content Ahead Of Time -
I'm terrible at this. I always find myself trying to write a post and get it up quickly for that same day, no matter how much planning I seem to do. So I've already started writing my Blogtober posts early and we'll see how it goes from here on.. I'm already loving staying ahead of schedule, so hopefully it's something I can continue to do. 

Discover New Music -
Is it just me that finds a song or an album that I love and end up listening to it every minute of every day until I'm bored of it all together? I'm currently listening to the same playlist over and over again and I just want to discover some new artists without going back to the same ol songs I listen to daily! any suggestions would be appreciated. 

Buy Some New Booties -
And good quality ones at that. Every year I end up buying new boots that only result in breaking a few weeks down the line, so investing in a good pair of booties to rock with some jeans and a knitted jumper is a necessity this year. 

Perfect A Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte -
Yeah, I know, how basic could I possibly get? but I bet even you couldn't deny how good these babies are, so perfecting my very own so I can enjoy it every single day during Autumn shouldn't be frowned upon surely? I'm addicted okay.

What are some of your October goals this year?

Love Always,


  1. SUch gorgeous post! I am loving this colder weather


    Ellie xx

  2. Awesome October Goals!! About the new music - Does the UK have Amazon prime music?!? Here in the states Amazon Music has stations for bands/musicians and they play similar sounding/genre artists! I've found a lot of new musicians and songs that way! =)

    Best of luck with Blogtober! I'm trying it too! =) Have a good one!

    1. I'm not sure if we have that as I only ever use Spotify for music! Thank you for the suggestion though! Good luck with Blogtober as well x

  3. I love this post! If you perfect a homemade pumpkin spiced latte please let me know the secret as they are so good and being able to make them at home would be a god send! xx

    1. I'll definitely make a blog post on it if I do! x