The Goodness Project Subscription Box Review


When I first started following a vegan diet over two years ago, there wasn't many snack options available in supermarkets. I had to make a lot of snacks from home and although I enjoyed getting creative with new ideas or just having fun baking things I hadn't tried before, it wasn't always easy during the days that I had college as I couldn't just grab something and go or store in my bag all day without turning pretty gross. Over the past year I have definitely noticed a huge improvement in supermarkets stocking up on more and more foods that are vegan friendly, which is incredible and super convenient when I just need something quickly.

I discovered The Goodness Project a few months ago and they were kind enough to gift me one of their many subscription boxes to try out and share with you all! I even ran a giveaway on one of my Instagram accounts where I share vegan meals / snacks, and I was lucky enough to be able to choose someone to have their own huge snack box from the team. It has taken me longer than expected to get through trying the products in this box which is why this post has gone up later than I had hoped, but now that it's here, I can't wait to share my thoughts on everything with you.

Organic Raw Chocolate Brownie With Cacao -
I'm always open to trying new foods, as long as they're vegan of course, so I was intrigued when I noticed two of these bars in the box. As a huge brownie fan, it's hard to believe that a bar like this would taste as good as my beloved homemade brownies. However, if you're looking for a (much) healthier alternative to a brownie, then this is probably your best bet. I love grabbing snacks like these to just throw in my bag if I'm going out for the day and knowing that they're packed full of healthy ingredients makes me feel amazing. I used to really enjoy making bliss balls from home using the same type of ingredients, so trying this bar for the first time made me think of those immediately and how much I miss making them!

Lemon & Lime Ugly Sparkling Water -
I won't lie, I hated this. I see this brand on my Instagram a lot and I've only ever heard great things, but I was not impressed. I remember trying sparkling water when I was younger, thinking that it was plain water at the time, but after the shock of drinking that for the first time, it has put me off for life. I honestly just hate the concept of sparkling water and I think it tastes vile, so I was destined to not like this drink at all. However, if you are a sparkling water fan, then you're probably going to like it.

Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Spread -
I was so excited when I noticed this jar in the box as I've heard about the Vego chocolate bars for so long, but I've never tried them, however I knew I would absolutely love this chocolate spread. This tastes exactly like a Ferrero Rocher, so if you like them, you'll love this. My favourite way to use this spread is to cut up an apple and dip it in a tablespoon of the spread - don't judge it, it's sooo good. I got through this jar a lot quicker than anticipated, but I'm going to stock up on it very soon because I'm pretty sure I've got withdrawals.

Wilde Nuts Raw Granola Original -
I've always loved granola, so I knew I'd get great use out of this product. Since this is the healthiest granola I've seen around, I'm not too strict about how much I have as I know the ingredients are all natural and completely raw. However, I do love using this as a topping on my smoothie bowls so I don't get through it as quickly and because I find it quite dull if I don't have fruit with it so I never eat the granola on it's own with almond milk of course.

Rookies Apricot Vanilla -
This was one of the top three items I was most excited to try along with the Vego chocolate spread and the Jealous Sweets below. I've really grown to love the flavour of apricot over the years and since this is vanilla and apricot I couldn't think of anything better. I think this would be a great morning snack or even a quick breakfast as it is quite filling due to it being made out of oats (gluten free) and dates. I would definitely buy this again if I noticed it in stores as it's not made up of any nasty ingredients and just tastes great.

Jealous Sweets Pineapple & Grapefruit Love Bears -
I've tried a few different kind of gummy sweats from this brand in the past, but wasn't overly impressed at the time. However, when I tried these I was blown away. I love pineapple and grapefruit and these honestly taste identical to the actual fruits without having that horrible artificial flavouring taste that lingers in your mouth. I shared these with my little brother and he loved them, especially the pineapple flavour and he was gutted when we reached the end of the bag, just as I was. I'm definitely going to try finding these in any local store and get some for Christmas time as I know they'll be the perfect treat.

Turmerlicious Vanilla Turmeric Latte -
I used to screw my nose up at the idea of turmeric lattes, but after trying one from a different brand a few months ago, I soon realised what the hype was all about. I love vanilla flavouring in pretty much anything, so I was beyond happy when I noticed that this turmeric latte was also vanilla. Since this doesn't actually include caffeine, it's the perfect beverage to sip on before bed as it's soothing and calming due to the all of the lovely ingredients that are in the blend.

Seed And Bean Orange & Thyme Dark Chocolate Bar -
As much as I loved the sound of this bar, I can never just eat a bar of dark chocolate as it is, so I always find a way to incorporate them into baking, smoothie bowls or other snack ideas. I've decided to save this bar as I have a feeling it will work well in my pumpkin bread recipe that I'm going to make as soon as the pumpkins are carved! Since it has thyme, I'm expecting a bit of kick from the spice, but I think it will taste great regardless.

This was everything that was in the box and I'm so pleased and grateful for everything that I received. I'm hoping that I get another chance to work with The Goodness Project as they are such a wonderful brand and I enjoyed every second of working with them on this post and on Instagram. 

Have you tried anything from The Goodness Project?

Love Always,
Shannon x