10 Movies To Watch On Valentines Day & Cozy Snack Ideas


With valentines day fast approaching, I wanted to share some of my favourite movies and cozy snack ideas to share with your loved one on the special day! I'm a sucker for rom coms and valentines day is a perfect excuse to binge watch on all the favourites, whether you're spending time with your lover, alone, or with your gal pals!

My Top 10 Valentines Movies:

- Love, Rosie (seriously, grab the tissues. Hits me in the feels every damn time)
- When We First Met
- Valentines Day (duhhh..)
- About Time (Forever one of my favourite movies, I'll use any excuse to watch this I swear)
- The Notebook (oh how predictable)
- To All The Boys I've Loved Before
- Safe Haven
- The Duff (my boyfriend and I loved watching this movie together!)
- Just Go With It
- We're The Millers (something a bit more lighthearted, definitely worth watching if you want the giggles)

I'm so grateful to be able to spend valentines day with my boyfriend this year, as I know many people aren't so lucky. So I'm hoping to make the most out of my day with him and spending the evening watching our favourite movies and filling our bellies with pizza in the evening, followed by my favourite hot chocolate of course.

Which brings me to part two of todays post. Since being vegan, I'm pretty limited to what hot chocolate I can drink and I've only found three different brands in supermarkets that I love, which are also "accidentally vegan" and you just add dairy free milk to. My absolute favourite is Twinings swiss chocolate drink, but I also love Cadburys freddo hot chocolate and Cadburys original drinking chocolate. All three are amazing and I was so surprised and over the moon when I found out that they were vegan friendly. I've certainly been making the most out them in these colder months.

When I'm trying to be a bit healthier and am really concentrating on the foods and drink that I consume, I try cutting out store bought hot chocolate and make my own from home with cacao and some other superfood powders. I know it can feel like a lot of effort by going full on diy with it instead of just scooping a few teaspoons out of a jar, but if you want to follow a healthier lifestyle then it's completely worth it.

Cacao & Maca Hot Chocolate -
- 2 - 3 tsp cacao powder
- 1 cup dairy free milk (hazelnut is great in this, but any is fine)
- 1 tsp coconut sugar
- 1/2 tsp maca powder
- 1/4 tsp turmeric
- a pinch of cinnamon

I start by heating up the milk on the stove, and once it's warmed up a little bit I simply throw in all of the ingredients and mix them in until everything is dissolved. The maca powder and turmeric are optional, but if you want that superfood boost then they are the perfect addition without hardly being able to taste them. I also love adding cinnamon to give it that little spicy kick.

If you fancy something a bit more indulgent and want to go all out then adding whipped cream, chocolate chips and marshmallows is a must! Here's my favourite:

Chocolate Chip Hot Chocolate - 
- 1 heaped tsp of cacao powder
- 1 cup dairy free milk
- 1 tsp sugar
- vegan whipped cream or follow this simple recipe to make your own
- dairy free chocolate chips
- Anandas Marshmallows mega mini marshmallows*

Start by heating the dairy free milk on the stove. After about 30 seconds, stir in the cacao powder and sugar. Once this is all heated, stir in a few chocolate chips. I find that this helps to make the hot chocolate a bit creamier and even more delicious. Once the chocolate chips have been stirred it a little, pour the hot chocolate into a mug and top with some vegan whipped cream and some marshmallows!

I was kindly sent over a bunch of marshmallows from the team at Anandas Marshmallows and I've been loving using their mini marshmallows to top off any hot chocolate! They are completely vegan friendly and are super yummy! They also have a huge variety of flavours, so if you fancy trying something other than vanilla to top off your hot chocolates, then you could always chop up some of their other flavours so that they're small enough to use as a topping! My other favourites are mocha and coconut.

Anandas were also kind enough to send over their range of valentines day products, so of course I was going to share them with you guys! The range consists of chocolate marshmallow heart lollies dusted with raspberry powder, valentine round ups (a vegan waggon wheel, whaaat) and finally their limited edition valentine marshmallows infused with rose water which makes them all the more romantic to share with your lover. Grab a gift box for the both of you here.

I hope you have the most loveliest valentines day, whether you're staying in, going out for dinner somewhere nice or treating your partner to something special!

How are you spending valentines day?

Love Always,
Shannon x

*This post contains gifted items


  1. What a fab post! I love that you included a hot chocolate recipe. I've been looking for something to watch, so I'll have to check these out xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I highly recommend them all!

  2. Love the notebook! I'm spending valentines day with my friends this year. Then having a valentines weekend with my husband!

    Zoey | https://www.zoeyolivia.com

    1. It's such a good movie isn't it! That sounds so lovely, have the best time x

  3. Oh I love this post idea! Thank you for sharing this, I really enjoyed watching To All The Boys I've Loved Before xx


    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post! I love that movie x

  4. Agree! What better way is there than to curl up to a nice romantic movie.
    Paradigm Capital Management

  5. I love We're The Millers! My husband and I watched it so many times and it never fails to make us laugh. Kinda want to see it again now, haha! :)

    Paula | Thirteen Thoughts

    1. It's such a great movie! I love the part where they sing "Don't go chasing waterfalls" it gets me every time haha!

  6. Such great movie selections, the Notebooks will always be a classic for me!