Umberto Giannini Thick-Tastic Range


Happy Friday everyone! Today I wanted to sit down and chat about hair care. This is slowly but surely becoming a popular topic on my blog, especially when it comes to talking about Umberto Giannini products.

I recently uploaded my hair care essentials, where I talked briefly about two of the products from Umberto Giannini's Thick-Tastic range which I'm going to give a full review on today. I was kindly gifted this range along with their Grow Long range which you can read all about here.

The Thick-Tastic includes a wide variety of different hair styling products, perfect for both day to day routines or for a night out. I love using this collection alongside the Grow Long range as the products are so different, but work together really well.

Split Ends Cream - £7

This is probably one of my most used products from the range as I always worry about split ends. My hair can become dry quite quickly, especially on the ends, so this cream really has been a life saver. I feel like it truly works, although obviously it doesn't prevent you from getting split ends, it certainly helps tame them and keep your hair looking smoother.

Thicker, Fuller Plumping Spray - £7

I don't know if I've used this enough to notice much of a difference, but I wouldn't say it's the best product. However, I haven't come across many plumping sprays, so I have nothing to compare it to. If you're looking for something to jazz your hair up a little bit for a night out then spraying this all over does make you hair feel a bit thicker, but it just doesn't last very long and I probably wouldn't repurchase.

Super Strong Hold Invisible Fine Hair Spray - £7

One of the newest additions to the Thick-Tastic range is their hairspray, which I was very excited to try. I used to absolutely smother my hair in hairspray back in the day (honestly it's embarrassing how much I used), so I know a thing or two about a good strong hold hairspray. I very rarely use hairspray nowadays, but when I do, it's nice to know that I'm using a good quality one and this hairspray is just that. It doesn't feel sticky in the slightest and it holds just fine, however I wouldn't say it's "super strong" so if you need something to glue your hair in place, then this probably isn't for you.

Max Volume Whip Vegan Mousse - £7

I've never really been one to use mousse, but since owning this one, I love applying it every now and then when I'm going out and want my hair to feel fuller. I apply this just after showering and then style it as I usually would and the result is so subtle but makes all the difference in terms of how your hair feels rather than looks. If you struggle with flat or fine hair then this is the perfect addition to any styling routine as it brings your hair a bit more life without feeling like you've done much at all.

Thicker, Fuller Hair Tonic - £10

By far my favourite product in the collection is the thicker, fuller hair tonic. I always apply this just before the split ends cream and it truly does make my hair feel so much thicker. I always struggle styling my hair into any up-do because it's too silky and doesn't have enough volume, but since using these products, I feel so much more confident with styling my hair. I highly suggest this product if your hair needs a boost of volume every now and then.

All of these products brush out easily which is perfect after a long day and work exactly as the label suggests. Just like the Grow Long collection, I highly suggest giving this range a go if you haven't already.

What's your favourite hair care brand?

Love Always,
Shannon x