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When I first started following a vegan diet, I really struggled to find snacks that I actually enjoyed, especially since barely any supermarkets were on the vegan bandwagon at this point! But even homemade recipes were difficult to find, the most exciting option being something like energy balls or humous and cucumber sticks (still a superior snack, I can't complain) So as nice as these options were at the time, it started to get a little dull.

So, over the past almost four years of being vegan, I've been on the hunt for my favourite snacks, homemade or store bought, that I actually enjoy and get excited about making. I've narrowed it down to five options that I can't wait to share with you. Some of these recipes are my own, but a couple are from some of my other favourite vegan content creators, as well as a few cheeky store bought options towards the end of the post!


These were uploaded on my blog only a few days ago, so of course I had to share them again! These little bites of heaven only take up ten minutes of your day to prepare and you can leave them in your refrigerator for at least a couple of weeks (if you don't eat them all in one sitting that is...) They're seriously that delicious.

You most likely already have the ingredients for this super easy recipe in your cupboards already, with only five ingredients needed! So if you fancy indulging in something sweet and gooey, this is the perfect recipe.


I remember thinking there was no way I would be able to eat nachos anymore being vegan, not without them tasting completely different that is. I couldn't have been any less accurate.

This recipe is one of my absolute favourites to date and is always one I recommend to friends and family to try, whether they're vegan or not, as it's just so delicious.

The cheese sauce is just everything, I'm obsessed.

You could treat this recipe as a side, a main or a snack, completely up to you!


Recipe from The Loopy Whisk.

As if this recipe is as simple as two ingredients?! Doesn't get much easier than that!

This is such a delicious indulgent treat and you could even whip these up and take them on the go with you! They take a whole five minutes to make and have the most simple instructions, why would you not want to try them?!

Chocolate and marzipan is the dream duo.


Recipe from Two Spoons.

I absolutely LOVE this recipe. Full of healthy, nutritious ingredients to create a yummy, guilt free recipe.

As someone who is cutting down massively on my refined sugar intake, finding recipes like this are a blessing! I'm going to be posting a lot more sugar free / low refined sugar recipes on my blog this year, so recipes like this really give me the motivation and inspiration to come up with recipes that are just as enjoyable without all the sugar.

This recipe is such a delicious snack idea, but can also be used as a breakfast idea, especially if you have an early start and need something nutritious to kick off the day on the go!


I'm always recreating this recipe at home, especially since my family love these little bites just as much as I do!

I love creating my own healthy recipes as I know exactly what is going into them, so I can eliminate any nasty ingredients that can be found in most store bought options. These granola bites are so filling and make me feel good once i've eaten one, rather than bloated and gross.

This recipe will only take 30 minutes of your day, so if you want something that you can keep in the fridge for a week to keep you going at snack times, then I would highly suggest trying them out for yourself!

Store bought vegan snack ideas that I love:

Eat Real Quinoa Chips - a lot of crips are actually vegan friendly, but this brand is by far my favourite out of them all. Especially their sour cream and chive flavour!

Deliciously Ella Hazelnut Nut Butter Ball - I love these delicious little bites. The fact that options like this are now available in supermarkets is just brilliant, especially if you're looking for a healthier snack alternative.

Rhythm 108 Swiss Chocolate Bars - You wouldn't even believe these bars were vegan, they're that good. My favourite is definitely the hazelnut praline bar as it's so indulgent and the mix of hazelnut and chocolate is just so delicious, it's comparable to Nutella!

Bells & Whistles Cake Slices*- I cannot even begin to tell you just how much I love these little cake slices. They are so different to any product you would find in supermarkets which is why I love this brand so much!

These unique slices are available in three different flavours, all equally as amazing, but very different from one another!

Each slice is under 120 calories so is the perfect low calorie snack to go alongside your afternoon cup of coffee.

Berry & Cashew - This flavour has a nice balance of sweetness from the raspberries as well as nuttiness from the almonds and coconut. The top layer is coated in white chocolate so it's slightly creamier than their Ginger & Apricot slice, but the white chocolate is seriously incredible which is one of the main reasons why I love this product so much.

Ginger & Apricot - This cake slice has a slight kick of spice to it due to the ginger, which also gives me festive Christmas vibes for some reason! Once again though, the balance of the ginger with the apricot is perfect as the apricots are so sweet. The base is deliciously fudgy, but the pistachios on top also give this slice a nice crunch.

Nut Truffle - This slice is my favourite of the three! It's honestly unbeilable how much I love it, I haven't stopped devouring these since I received them.. This cake slice also has a white chocolate top layer, so the creaminess goes extremely well with the nutty centre and fudgy coconut base. It's absolute perfection and I couldn't recommend it enough.

These products of course vegan, but are also gluten free.
Bells & Whistles are currently on offer in Sainsbury's until the 11th of February, so grab as many as you can!

What's your favourite vegan snack?

Love Always,
Shannon x

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