Mocha Protein Shake | Vegan


This super easy mocha protein shake will leave you feeling energised and ready for the day ahead. I am a huge coffee lover, so this is the perfect way to wake me up whenever I'm feeling a little low and need a boost!

It only requires a handful of ingredients to make and you can use whatever protein powder you like. My favourite for this shake is the Unicorn Superfoods chocolate fudge protein, however, I love the range of Tropkea protein powders, so go for whatever you have in the cupboards. 

To make the coffee ice cubes, simply brew some coffee and pour it into an ice cube tray. Allow it to freeze completely before adding them to this shake!


You will need:

- a handful of coffee ice cubes
- 1 banana
- unsweetened oat milk (I usually just eyeball the amount)
- 1 tbsp smooth peanut butter 
- 1 date
- 2 tbsp vegan chocolate protein powder


1. Simply add all of the ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. 

2. Pour the shake into your favourite glass and enjoy!

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