Caramel Protein Pancakes


Topped with pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, fresh berries and maple syrup. This is the most delicious stack of pancakes! 

I used a caramel protein powder from Unicorn Superfoods as it's the most delicious one I've found!

You can obviously top these with whatever you like, but I personally love raspberries and strawberries, especially as they in season this time of year! I also added pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds for a little bit of texture and extra flavour.


Serves: 2

You will need:

- 120g self-raising flour
- 30g vegan caramel protein powder
- 1 tsp baking powder
- 3 tsp caster sugar
- 170ml oat milk (or other dairy-free milk)

- raspberries
- strawberries
- maple syrup
- pumpkin seeds
- Hemp seeds


1. Combine the flour, protein powder, baking powder and caster sugar.
2. Pour in the oat milk and whisk until smooth.
3. Spray a nonstick pan with some oil. Add the batter to the pan (the mixture should make 5 pancakes). Cook for a couple of minutes on each side. You’ll know when to flip them when bubbles start appearing.
4. Serve with some fresh strawberries, raspberries, plenty of maple syrup and a small handful of pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds.

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