White Chocolate, Lemon & Coconut Cookie Sandwiches | Vegan


These white chocolate, lemon and coconut cookie sandwiches are perfect for the spring and summer as the flavours remind me of warmer days and laying in the sunshine! 

With a vanilla and coconut cookie with white chocolate chunks and a layer of delicious lemon buttercream in the middle, these cookies are the perfect summery indulgent treat. Fair warning though, these cookies are pretty huge! so you could always make them smaller and halve the recipe if you don't want too many! 

They are seriously delicious though, so I hope you love them as much as I do!


Makes: 6 large cookie sandwiches  Prep Time: 20 mins  Cook Time: 15 mins

You will need: 

- 1/2 cup vegan butter
- 3/4 cup light brown sugar
- 1/2 cup caster sugar
- 2 vegan eggs (I use Free & Easy Foods egg replacer)
- 1 tsp vanilla extract
- 1 3/4 cup plain flour
- 1 tsp baking powder
- 1/4 tsp salt
- 1/2 cup vegan white chocolate chunks
- 1/4 cup desiccated coconut

For the lemon buttercream filling:

- 1/2 cup softened vegan butter (I use Flora unsalted block)
- 1 1/2 cups icing sugar
- 2 tsp dairy-free milk (I use oat)
- zest from 1 small lemon
- Juice from 1 small lemon


1. Preheat the oven to 200C and line two baking trays with parchment paper.
2. In a large mixing bowl, combine the vegan butter, light brown sugar and caster sugar. Mix until completely combined.
3. Add the vegan eggs and vanilla extract and mix again.
4. Sieve the plain flour into the same bowl along with the baking powder and salt. Mix until completely combined.
5. Cut up some vegan white chocolate into small chunks (or use chocolate chips) and fold them into the cookie dough along with the desiccated coconut.
6. Roll the cookie dough into 12 balls. You could weigh them out so that they are all roughly the same size. Place them onto the prepared baking trays and space them out as they will grow!
7. Bake the cookies for 15 minutes. Remove from the oven. The cookies will still be very soft, so allow them to cool completely before touching them.
8. In a mixing bowl, add the softened vegan butter (make sure the butter is soft as this makes all the difference!) and icing sugar. Mix the two together until combined. If the buttercream is too thick, add the dairy-free milk to help it become a bit creamier.
9. Add the lemon zest and lemon juice and mix again.
10. Once the cookies have cooled you can then add the buttercream between two cookies and sandwich them together!

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