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These strawberries and cream pastries are such a crowd-pleaser and they also look a lot harder to make than they actually are as they only require 7 ingredients! These became a family favourite during the summertime, so go ahead and make them for your family and friends and see what they think!

You can find the video on how I made this recipe along with lots more vegan recipes on my Instagram @veganshannon


Serves: 6

You will need:

- 1 roll of puff pastry
- 2 tbsp dairy-free milk (I used soy)
- 6 tsp granulated sugar
- 250ml dairy-free double cream
- 3 tbsp icing sugar
- 1 tsp vanilla paste (or extract)
- a handful of fresh strawberries
- extra icing sugar


1. Preheat the oven to 180C.
2. Cut the puff pastry into 6 squares.
3. Cut a border on each square, leaving two opposite corners uncut. Fold the two sides over.
4. Brush each square with the dairy-free milk and sprinkle 1 tsp (6tsp total) of sugar onto the border of each square.
5. Line two baking trays with parchment paper and place the puff pastry squares onto them, spacing them out enough. Cook for 20 minutes or until golden.
6. Pour the double cream into a bowl and mix until whipped.
7. Add the icing sugar and vanilla paste and mix again.
8. Dice the strawberries into small chunks.
9. Once the pastries have cooked, use a spoon to squash down the middle of each one so you’re able to fill them.
10. Scoop the whipped cream into a piping bag and add it to the middle of each pastry.
11. Add the diced strawberries on top and sprinkle on some icing sugar to finish!

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